Thoughts which form the foundations of this company;

1. Students are constantly trying to evolve out of the traditional books and pages methods of learning to the concepts of Do It Yourself type of learning.

2. Small Scale and Medium Scale Industries need solution providers and raw material sources always.

3. The gap between Education and Industrial needs to be shortened as much as possible

4. “What I need” and “What I am given” should be the same

5. “What I pay for” and “What I get” should match proportionately 

We, Marvel Electronics, are a collaborative endeavour of two educators of Electronics, passionate towards catering to the needs of Students and Industries together, in order to satisfy the thoughts mentioned above. 

We are passionate about helping you to make your own educational / industrial solutions without unnecessary searching, heavy inventory expenses and tedious import procedures. Electronic Components / Modules from Outdated models to latest Industry ready models will be catered to, both immediately and on demand. 

We are also committed to making raw materials available to Engineers at affordable pocket – friendly rates and with less lead time. The online store is aimed at selling all necessary items for your projects; from a simple DIY project to a Full Scale Research Project. We are strong in a wide range of products from small micro modules to large electronic equipment. Custom design and development are also undertaken to serve industries with cost effective and reliable solutions. Our strengths are already known to over 16 industrial partners across the state and to over 7 industries across the Country.

Our inventory comes from reputed manufacturers only who back us up with Full Privilege Guarantees, thereby making customers who buy from us, happy and satisfied.